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Anti aging tips for men

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Aging is an enemy that everyone is up against. Ancient literature reveals that man has long sought a way to get the upper hand on aging. Remember the story of Ponce de Leon's search for the fabulous "Fountain of Youth". And in older literature, the Bible tells children to obey their parents "so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth." And even today people seek to live long, and enjoy that long life by not aging so fast.

While you can't totally beat aging, it is possible to push it off, to prolong the time before it sets in hard. For instance, men who are in their 70's that lift weights are as strong as young men who don't lift. And several years ago Tufts University sponsored research that found that people in their 80's and 90's were able to toss away their canes and walkers when they took up weight training. Strengthening the body, and keeping it strong, is a powerful ally in the war on aging.

Obviously, weight training is the top tonic for aging. And it is easy to see why. Weight training sparks the one true antidote to aging - growth. You can jog all you want, or drink tons of tea and yoga classes, but those are maintenance elements. It is weight training that forces growth, and growth is the opposite of aging. Aging is contracting, losing ground, dying, while growth is the opposite as it is forward movement. And it is weight training - free weight training - that is best for promoting growth. Hence, if you want to fight aging, the place to start is with weight training.

Intense activity is another key factor for fighting aging. For example, jogging is a good activity to keep your body in condition, but sprinting is better. That's because sprinting is much more intense. You want to keep that capability for intense bursts of hard core activity alive. When it starts to die, so do you. So sprint and jump beyond the school age years. Keep it up and keep your body full of coiled energy.

Your attitude is perhaps the biggest factor in aging. There is a proverbs which says "a cheerful heart has a continual feast." Your attitude is as crucial for staying young. When you start "closing up shop" mentally your body follows your cue and starts to shut down as well. Keeping a "go for it", "can do", youthful approach to life helps you keep your body and mind young.

Diet also plays a role in aging. One of the best things you can do is to eat several servings of vegetables and fruits a day in place of all the packaged food that the typical person stuffs down. A couple of simple changes to your diet will enable you to fight aging very effectively. First, cut your sugar intake by 70 percent. Second, boost your fiber intake to 30 grams a day. That simple dietary change will make a huge difference.

No one escapes death and taxes, but you can push the grim reaper back and enjoy your later years by developing exercise, dietary and mental habits that prolong and enhance life.

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