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Avena sativa benefits for men

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Avena sative (green oats) is specifically beneficial to men and not women. It has now been extensively studied for over twenty years in San Francisco, California. As we get older the bounding up of any free testosterone in the blood of men gets worse and worse.

A study in San Francisco discovered that avena sativa works by creating more free testosterone compared to the increasing bound testosterone found as we get older. The more free testosterone around the greater our pleasure we get from sex but more importantly it acts as the primary hormone along with HGH and IGF (insulin growth factor) to speed up muscle growth.

Although this study group in San Francisco has studied these parameters in women as well as men they discovered that a larger boost was required in women to free up testosterone because women have more testosterone receptors than men and they require a boost greater than avena sativa offers. When the researchers added saw palmetto to the avena sativa they saw a dramatic increase in free testosterone in women.

The recommended dose of 1000mg a day or two tablets of 500mg each are more than enough to improve sex drive, increase energy and increased strength in men. Although strength and muscle building studies have not been conclusively proven to be effective they continue with their research.

If the reason you are interested in taking avena sativa is specifically for a swollen prostate you should take up to 6 tabs a day or 6000mg. It is recommended that these tablets not be given at the same time but rather spaced in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Research done on prostate enlargement caused from the overproduction of an aromatizing hormone metabolite that is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) shows that taking avena sativa on a regular basis can reduce the DHT levels in the blood and increase free testosterone and the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen.

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