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How to lose belly fat for men

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham decided to look specifically at the relationship between cardiovascular disease, diabetes and belly fat in men. They took 137 men from all ages as well as different sizes and used seven key different measurements in order to determine their risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The study showed conclusively that the single best sign of multiple heart-disease and diabetes was without a doubt the amount of abdominal fat they carried. But having belly fat does a lot worse than just have a direct and proven effect on your health generally.

There is very little to be proud of when you have got a fat belly, from children asking you if you got a baby in there to women generally not been attracted to you because of your obvious belly-fat that you cannot hide. Your belly-fat is a sign that your body chemistry is badly out of tune.

The reason why your belly fat has a number of diseases that it promotes is because your bloated belly will secrete these toxins directly to you heart, liver, and other vital organs. These substances that it will release on a continuous basis are firstly the free fatty acids which are released directly to the liver and directly impair your ability to break down insulin, which leads to diabetes.

Secondly is the release of Cortisone which is directly associated with diabetes and heart disease. The third substance that will affect your health is PAI-1 which is a blood-clotting agent that will directly affect your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

So if you have belly-fat the first thing you need to realize is that you cannot reduce the fat in your belly only. The fat you carry on your body is all over your body and the only way to get rid of your belly fat is by reducing your body-fat percentage which means you need to watch what you eat and do exercise on a regular basis.

Unfortunately there is no way that you can reduce the amount of belly fat that you have without reducing the body-fat that you have. Doing a thousand sit-ups a day is not going to help at all so you need to make sure that you are training correctly.

You do not need to join some fancy gym with the latest high tech equipment you can easily get rid of your fat by working out at home. It takes lots of discipline as well as planning to get rid of fat and that means combining your regular workouts with eating unprocessed foods with a low glycemic index.

Also using testosterone boosting herbal supplements along with diet and exercises can possibly increase your muscle mass and lower your body fat levels.

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