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Beta-sitosterol benefits for men

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Beta-sitosterol information has been available for a long time but only recently in 1996 where studies on this plant sterol first published. Beta-sitosterol is something that is found in any plant food that we eat but the problem is that when you eat fruit and vegetables you do not get enough of these sterols to have a medicinal/therapeutic effect on the body.

Research was first started on Beta-sitosterol in order to combat a problem that affects 50% of all men over the age of 60. BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) and other related problems dealing with an inflamed prostrate seems to affect most men at some point in their lives as their daily testosterone production decreases with age.

The problem of less testosterone produced is farther aggravated by the little T that is floating in the blood getting converted to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) where it can no longer work as it should. In 1996 a clinical study was published demonstrating how Beta-Sitosterol will stop this conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Saw Palmetto berries have Beta-Sitosterol in them but you need to take in around 600mg of Beta-Sitosterol to ensure a healthy prostate. The problem is that Saw Palmetto berries only contain one part in 3000 of the Beta-Sitosterol complex. This means you would need to eat about 2 kilograms of saw palmetto berries to get the required 600mg of Beta-sitosterol every day to ensure a therapeutic effect.

New highly advanced technology has been added to ensure that your body is able to absorb Beta-Sitosterol by using black pepper extract as well as an effective combination of other supplements that increase the absorption to reap the full benefits of Beta-Sitosterol.

Other natural sterols that include Beta-sitosterol are foods like pumpkin seeds, quercetin and zinc extract and some other ingredients added to ensure the ready absorption of any and all Beta-sitosterol available. There is an additional benefit to men when taking Beta-sitosterol and that is the lowering of cholesterol.

The University of Maryland Medical Center released several studies indicating its power to lower LDL levels which is the "bad" cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol does not affect levels of HDL or triglycerides. It works by reducing any absorption of cholesterol going through the intestines by 50%.

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