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How to build muscle and lose fat at same time

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It is definitely the Holy Grail of fitness - the ability to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Is it possible? It is, and it is what bodybuilding is all about. When you train with anaerobic exercise you tend to do just that - build muscle while you burn fat. But the process is not always smooth. There are a lot of stops and starts, so any help you can get is a big plus.

There is one unique way, however, to give a boost to the process. And you don't have to guess about it - there is proof this works. The key is to get growth hormone to work for you. Studies have shown (New England Journal of Medicine) that growth hormone can elevate lean muscle by close to 10 percent and simultaneously lower body fat by more than 14 percent.

You don't have to run out and start taking an external source of growth hormone to gain the fat burning, muscle building result of growth hormone. The best way to go is to spark your own body's internal production. And you can do that by adding sprinting to your routine. That's because studies show that sprinting really sparks significant growth hormone release. In fact studies show that growth hormone serum levels indicated a 771% increase from a pre sprint baseline compared to a post sprint comparison. The bottom line is that sprinting can really boost growth hormone activity in your body, which in turn brings about muscle growth and fat loss. And it works - like crazy. Look at how lean and muscular the Olympic sprinters are. They have lots of muscle and almost no fat.

What type of sprinting sparks growth hormone increases? A handful of sprints will do the trick. But don't go all out on the first sprint; perform it at half speed, then step it up to 3-4 more sprints at near top speed (for 60 meters). After a few workouts move up to 7 sprints after a warm up sprint.

Most bodybuilders don't sprint but if you add sprinting to your workout program you will soon notice that you are becoming more muscular and trimmer to boot.

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