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Testosterone boosting exercises

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Testosterone is the magic hormone that pushes muscle growth (as well as burns body fat) and if you are looking for muscle, the more the better. Boosting testosterone can come in various forms - everything from taking more testosterone (in chemical, synthetic form) to eating foods that promote your body to produce more testosterone are tools that people use to create more testosterone circulating in the body. Some tools have a negative side effect (using the synthetic form, for example, causes your body to shut off its own production) and you want to avoid those.

There is one way to strongly jack up your testosterone with all the upside and none of the negative side effects. This tool is to use exercise itself to get the testosterone flowing. Exercise can create a big testosterone release in the body. However, there is a very important caveat here - not all exercise turns on the testosterone switch. In fact very few exercises qualify as a testosterone boosting activity. If you are just pumping out a few sets on the cable pulldown machine or pumping a few dumbbells, forget about it.

The exercise that enables testosterone activity must meet this criteria - the exercise must involve moving critical mass through space. Researchers have found that if an exercise does this, the body responds by getting more testosterone flowing. Obviously not many exercises pass this hurdle. The exercises specifically noted for success in studies have been the squat and the deadlift. And movements such as the power clean, clean and press, and others that involve critical mass and movement through space met the grade. Obliviously this eliminates virtually all machine style exercise and isolation movements.

Interestingly, sprinting has been found to also bring about major testosterone release. Several sprints performed repeatedly with minimal rest (60-100 meters with 90 seconds of rest between sprints) cause a big increase in the testosterone levels in the human body.

The path forward is easy to see if you are looking for creating a testosterone blast - you want to perform big exercises with big weights and you also want to tack some sprinting onto your weekly routine. This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all other exercise, but simply that you always want to include some exercise that has you move critical mass through space each and every week. Be consistent with this and your testosterone will flow.

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