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Testosterone and fat loss in men

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When you think of testosterone you naturally think of muscle, aggression, and similar elements often attributed to the “T” factor. However, testosterone is also a player in fat loss, and no small player at that. Several studies have found that testosterone is in fact very effective in burning fat off the body. This is true even when very minimal doses of testosterone are applied - the fat comes flying off the body, and it does so quickly. Research shows testosterone was able to bring about a big drop in the body fat levels in just a few weeks. And testosterone did it across the board - for young men, older men, women - everyone’s fat is melted away when testosterone levels are elevated.

What does this mean for you? Obviously if you are serious about dropping your body fat you want to employ testosterone as a tool - a most powerful tool. And as research has revealed, testosterone is fast acting. Unlike cardio/aerobic training which may take quite a period to show results (but necessary nonetheless), testosterone can provide significant results right away. So you always want to include the “T” factor in your fat loss program for fast and noticeable results.

There is also a synergistic effect between fat loss and muscle building as the two are tied together. It works in this manner - the more muscle you build, the more fat you in turn burn off. Why? A higher muscle mass in your body simultaneously increases the metabolic rate in your body. The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat you burn. When you have a significant amount of muscle you burn a lot of fat even when your body is at rest! Muscle mass has a fat burning propensity that is exponentially higher than that of fat. And it is a victorious cycle - allowing for the buildup of ever more muscle and the burning off of ever more fat.

People who try to tackle the fat loss process without taking into account and employing testosterone as an ally are missing one major piece of the puzzle which prevents them from maximizing the fat loss. Don’t forget to include the top fat loss fighter in your war on body fat - testosterone. In fact you should not only include the testosterone element as a fat fighting help, you should focus on it as a main staple for getting lean and mean quickly.

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