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Testosterone boosting foods

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What you eat has a huge effect on how your train and how you look. Training alone isnít sufficient - food plays a big role in building your body as food is what the body uses to build the muscle (and more - bones, etc.) that comprises your physique. What you eat also plays a huge role in how your body responds to and after exercise.

You can literally shape your body differently by what you eat. For example, camp out on white bread and doughnuts and your body will turn into a Pillsbury Doughboy shape. And what you eat can push or hinder your testosterone activity, which strongly influences the way your body builds up (or fails to build). There are certain foods that have a big effect on your testosterone flow and knowing what they are can help you eat in a "pro-testosterone" manner that in turn sparks more muscle growth, as well as causing fat to burn off the body.

When you turn to a pro-testosterone diet to help elevate your bodyís testostereone, start with broccoli. Yes, the first President Bush didn't like it, but it has benefits that help in the testosterone process. Broccoli, it turns out, is loaded with indoles. Indoles are key for men because they decrease the estrogen (female type hormone) in the body. The more you diminish the estrogen, the more your testosterone has free range to run in your body.

Mineral support

Certain minerals provide the foundation for testosterone production. The mineral zinc helps promote testosterone production and there are some foods that are particularly rich in zinc. At the top of the list are oysters, which are loaded with zinc. Other foods rich in zinc include toasted wheat germ, veal liver, pumpkin seeds, beef and even dark chocolate.

As with zinc, the mineral magnesium plays a role in providing the body with elements for testosterone building. Foods rich in magnesium include dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, nuts and seeds, fish, beans, avocadoes, brown rice, and bananas.

For the best results, include a good amount of both zinc and magnesium in the diet at the same time.

Fat focus

Good fat is a key component in the testosterone process. Many people, even bodybuilders, error here. They avoid fat but fat is an essential part of testosterone building in the body. For instance, the body needs cholesterol that in turn the Leydig cells need for testosterone production. When a bodybuilder cuts out fat from the diet, he is also cutting out most growth factors along with it. He is diminishing his own testosterone production. You need to eat healthy fat to facilitate growth. Fat from eggs, from olives, from nuts, from avocadoes, all provide good fat that the body can use for facilitating more testosterone activity.

You can boost your testosterone activity by simply eating certain foods. Focus on the foods featured here and take your testosterone levels up a tier or two.

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