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Great arm workouts for men

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Next to wanting that sought after six-pack, having a great set of arms showing under a tight T-shirt is every man's wish. The workout listed below takes a few well-researched methods that continue to get great results as long as the routine is increasing the weight lifted on each workout, even if it is just one pound extra.

The workout below includes both antagonistic muscle groups and supersets to get the best of both worlds when training arms. This well proven method means that the movements are done without any rest between sets and listed as A1, A2 and A3 before resting and is called a tri-set.

Training tempo is something that can be switched up, as you get stronger so that you can always adapt and change to suit the results that you are getting. The workout below does not include tempo changes but the eccentric should always be a bit longer than the concentric part of the movement.

The eccentric is the lowering or negative part of the movement where you are going with gravity. The concentric movement is the positive fighting against gravity. The stretch or pause is the time between these two and is listed as 4020, 4 seconds for eccentric 0 for rest and 2 for concentric with 0 contraction or pause at the end.

The following arm workout should be done at least once a week depending on the split routine that you follow. For best results you should train arms at least twice a week.

A1 Dumbbell Reverse Curl Standing 3 X 6-8 reps
A2 Hammer Curls 3 X 6-8 reps
A3 EZ-Bar Curl 3 X 6-8 reps
Rest 90 seconds and then repeat a total of three times before going onto triceps.

B1 Triceps Pushdown (reverse grip/palms up) 3 X 6-8 reps
B2 Triceps Pushdown (Rope Attachment/palms facing) 3 X 6-8
B3 Triceps Pushdown 3 X 6-8 reps

The above arm training routine is just one example of the many different variations that can be done. By changing the angle from which the muscle is worked you will activate all the muscle fibers in the arm so it is recommended that every 6 weeks you change up the movements to attack the arms from a different angle.

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