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How to become an alpha male

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A true alpha male is not just a group leader or the social alpha of his peers. More importantly he is the leader of his own life and in complete control. From being self-reliant and independent to capable and always learning a new skill. There are basic ingredients that define an alpha male.

A typical alpha male will assume control and he will do this with confidence that he has in his ability at any given task. His leadership should come from being able to listen correctly and not just a bunch of assumptions that could be totally incorrect.

A good alpha male also knows how to use humor to his advantage and can always achieve results when relaxed. Making any task look easy is part of having the confidence of an alpha male. The ability of any alpha male is directly proportional to how well he knows his body.

The posture and the way an alpha male carries his body when he walks should give a telltale sign of strength and general good health. Health comes from life-management skills that any alpha male takes extra care to ensure that he has the ability to push himself farther than expected.

An alpha male is motivated to do what he fears the most, from hitting the bully in the school to taking a risk in business, an alpha male always pushers himself a little farther each day. A true alpha male knows how to live like a warrior always challenging any fear he has head on.

A coward takes the easy way out but the alpha male users his knowledge about his body and his limitations to know exactly what he can and cannot do. The confidence shown in performing any given task is born out of the self-knowledge and the strength of mind and body to remain focused until the task is complete.

The alpha male has the ability to fail graciously and does not succumb to the debilitating fear of failure. Unlike other men an alpha male will push on regardless of the increased chances of failure. His fear is only that he will not be pushing to the maximum and will always strive to push these boundaries.

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