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How to date a younger woman

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Over the last 30 years it has become more and more socially acceptable for older men to date younger women. In a survey that was done in America over 80% of men who married more than once, the second wife was at least 10 years younger than the man.

Besides the obvious reason why a man would be attracted to a younger woman it also can offer a re-vitalizing of the manís energy as he gets someone joining his life who is full of vitality, energy and a general youthful attitude to everything in life.

There are a few basic tips that can help an older man date younger women and probably the most important is to always be cool about it. Even if you might be nervous you need to show leadership and not just follow her lead. Generally women are attracted to men who take the initiative and you must decide where to go.

Never try to take advantage of a situation. A young woman will always be very weary when dating an older man that will "make his move" at the wrong time. This will stop any possible progress you might have hoped for as you get categorized as a "perv".

You need to treat her like and equal and not some bratty little sister. Don't jokingly make fun of her idiosyncrasies by calling her on behaving immature or teasing her about the way she says something. This will be different to the way younger guys will treat her and will keep her interested in you.

Never interfere with her life unless she asks you. The chances that she is looking for another over-bearing father are very small indeed. So never just show up unexpectedly or call her at work unless it has been pre-arranged. Take the lead, make the rules and have fun with it.

As already mentioned above always be cool as you never want her to see how nervous or anxious you are. Even if she looks at you for guidance and advice because she has less experience in life you need to show that you are always in control. Donít flash your cash around and never wear a watch that looks like a dump-truck tire.

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