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How to gain muscle mass fast for men

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If your objective is to gain muscle then you need to take extra care in what you eat on a daily basis. Staying away from processed foods and increasing your protein intake and counting calories are the basic requirements when training to gain muscle as fast as possible.

If you have never trained on a regular basis then your first year of training will get you the most amount of muscle than any year thereafter. The law of diminishing returns when training to gain muscle means that you need to understand what type of training works best for you.

Your first year’s objective is to increase strength because a strong muscle is a big muscle. The fastest way to increase your core strength is to train with compound movements at least three times a week. After about four months you should start training a split routine, which means you are not training your whole body every time you train but only working certain body-parts.

You should not train more than 20 sets per body-part and preferably keep it at around 12 sets per body-part. When training for strength your reps in each set should be between 6 and 12 reps, slowly increasing the weight as you decrease the reps.

Progressive resistance gains muscle, which means you need to approach each workout to be better than you were the last time you trained. Whether your improvement is to increase the weight that you are lifting or increasing the reps that you are lifting it for.

There are countless other ways of changing the muscle adaptation that you get from weight training on a regular basis. From rest-pause training to drop sets and negatives, the choices are endless to ensure that you are always pushing yourself a bit more with each workout.

Gaining muscle on a regular basis requires intense training and eating correctly throughout the day. If you approach it as a lifestyle change from the beginning you will have a better chance at success. Drinking lots of water and resting at least 8 hours a night is a minimum requirement to gain muscle.

The experts all agree that cardio work should be limited when your objective is muscle gain. They also agree that keeping a workout journal will ensure a close eye on your progress. If you are monitoring the weights and reps that you train with you will know exactly what to shoot for in your next workout.

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