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How to increase sexual frequency

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Although women have been accused from suffering low libido more than men do these stats are changing as more and more men lose libido at a younger age. The libido topic amongst physiologist’s dealing with married couples is so common that they came up with an acronym for it calling it DINS, standing for "dual income, no sex."

The causes of a low libido for both men and women are very complex and relate to issues ranging from daily nutrition to testosterone output. The cause of low libido are also directly related to stress and what is going on in your brain so the complexity of dealing with low libido is not as simple as taking Viagra.

The question how to increase sexual frequency implies that there are two partners in a relationship but just not enough time and desire to make it happen. It is small things like playing a sport together or going for a walk in a park or doing Yoga together that can often lead to arousal.

According to psychologists there are four very specific stages of sex in no specific order and they are desire, arousal, orgasm and a return to normal. Sex therapist Weiner-Davis says, "There are plenty of sexual couples that stages one and two—desire and arousal—can happen in reverse order."

Whether you book a sleazy night at a hotel with your partner or you switch up a sexual position. The increase in sexual frequency often comes from the desire to innovate and get excited about having sex. From training together at gym to planting a garden or going for a hike together, the choices are endless.

It takes a small effort from both partners learning to relax and finding a way to de-stress from a hard day at work by listening to music or yoga. Talking about any hidden resentments or sexual dysfunction is also positive for the relationship as well as seeking professional help.

But this should only be done after decreasing alcohol intake and quitting smoking, which directly affect your ability to have sex. There are a number of foods that you can have that will directly affect your frequency of sex. Research tells us despite the advertisements we see drinking alcohol and smoking reduce libido.

The "classic" of all aphrodisiacs packed with zinc is oysters also shown to increase sperm count including dopamine the primary hormone connected to libido. One can also eat foods like bananas or avocados, which are high in folic acid helping to promote energy and stamina and rich in potassium and vitamin B6.

Nuts will also increase libido, as they are rich in essential fatty acids, helping to support all the body’s production of hormones. The same with eggs with heir abundance of vitamins B5 and B6 will also help promote a balanced hormone level, which will directly affect sex drive.

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