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Testosterone levels and mental health

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Testosterone is the big star in the world of muscle, a hormone that promotes the holy grail of fitness - building more muscle while losing body fat. But as important at that is, testosterone does even more. That is, it has several other benefits. One of these is your mental health. Often what builds you up physically also helps the mental side as well. That’s true for testosterone, which is known to boost mental energy and boldness. Some studies (in the area of financial decision making, for instance) have indicated that testosterone levels pump up the mind in the area of risk taking activities. So testosterone is a muscular hormone in the mental aspect as well as the muscles themselves.

And there is more. Other mental elements are also enhanced by higher testosterone levels, and decreased by low testosterone levels. For instance there is some link between low testosterone and dementia. One study indicated that older men with depleted hormone levels were more likely to develop the nasty brain-wasting disease. And the testosterone issue affected both men and women. A Daily Mail article revealed that “giving women the male hormone testosterone could boost their memory and may even help ward off dementia.” Low levels of testosterone equate to more susceptibility to dementia.

Conversely, research shows that pumping up the testosterone levels addressed the issue. The test groups were either given a rub on testosterone product or a placebo. The Australian study noted in the Daily Mail pointed out “the hormone group performed significantly better at verbal learning, where they listened to dozens of different words and had to recall as many as they could. . . they also scored higher in tests designed to assess the efficiency of their short-term memory.”

Attention levels pick up when testosterone is higher. And other vital cognitive functions such as spatial ability are also increased. And more information on testosterone’s many benefits are coming out as researchers continue to look into this powerful hormone.

If you have been like many and have viewed testosterone as simply a muscle building aid, you have missed half of testosterone’s potent capabilities. The mind also realizes a variety of great benefits that come from elevating the testosterone circulating in the body. How many other substances do you know of that boost both the mind and the muscles?

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