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Bodybuilding for men over 50

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One of the best benefits of bodybuilding is that it has been described as "an old man's game". Unlike sports like football or tennis, where youth prevails, bodybuilding is still able to offer active participation for people in the latter years. Indeed, most Master Mr. Olympia contestants have looked far better than the average person. People like Bill Pearl, Vince Gironda, Robby Robinson and many others have exhibited a top level physique as they hit their mid 50's.

Bodybuilding is profitable in your 50's but you need to approach it in a specific manner. Allow an increasingly longer warm up, as well as spending five days a week on separate stretching workouts. But don't give a quarter to age in the workout itself. Continue to pound the weight hard. And remember powerlifting champ Louie Simmons, who was stronger in his 40's than he was in his 30's, and yes, stronger in his 50's than he was in his 40's. That translates into Louie lifting heavier weight loads in his 50's than he ever did - an impressive achievement.

Training for anyone in their 50's should employ a lot of free weight exercise to assist with balance as well as strength. Free weights automatically train the body for balance and proprioception. Best of all is ground based exercises, which keep the body athletic.

Here is a bodybuilding workout for the 50 plus age group:

Workout 1
Full body dynamic warm up - 5 minutes
Bench press - 2-3 warm up sets, 3 working sets
Explosive push ups - 2 sets
Standing barbell press - 2 warm up sets, 3 working sets
Curls - 3 working sets
Chin-ups 2 sets
Dumbbell curls - 3 sets
Ab crunches - 4 sets

Workout 2
Full body dynamic warm up - 5 minutes
Deadlift - 2-3 warm up sets, 3 working sets
Bent Row - warm up set, 3 working sets
Triceps Bench press - warm up set, 3 working sets
Dips - 3 working sets
Calf raise - 3 sets

Workout 3
Full body dynamic warm up - 5 minutes
Squats - warm up, 4 working sets
Lunges - 2 sets
Leg curls - 2 sets
Cable curls - 3 sets
Cable pushdown - 3 sets

Perform these workouts in a rotating sequence, with a couple of days rest between each workout.

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