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How to pick up women at the gym

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Picking up a woman in the gym forces you to walk a tight rope - you don't want to drive her away by being too aggressive too soon, but you also need to establish a connection before she move on. If she comes to the gym fairly frequently, move in gradually. Nothing turns a woman away more than being pursued when she just wants to work out. Gradually get to know her, then ask her out. On the other hand, if she comes infrequently you may have to be bolder initially as you have less opportunity to build up a longer term connection.

When making the first move, ask her out to lunch instead of dinner. That's less intimidating to her, and if things go well, the next step can be dinner. If you have time on your side, move gradually.

When establishing a connection with her, remember the key rule - talk about her instead of yourself. Guys who only talk about themselves usually end up alone. Focus on her - her interests, etc. If you have a training tip that can help her improve her workout, that may be a great opening to get to know her better.

Always be genuine. If you are a phony, or just a user, that will quickly become known and every girl in the joint will avoid you. And above all, don't try to show off in the gym. Most women are not as impressed with biceps and a huge chest as guys are. They like men who are in shape, but the personality of the guy plays an even bigger role in attraction than does the physique.

You have one advantage meeting a woman in the gym - you know that both of you care about staying in shape. If she cares about fitness, more than likely she is more favorable toward guys that are in shape than the sedentary sort. So be bold and go for it as the old adage that "faint heart never won fair lady" is still true.

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