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Possible causes of low testosterone in mens

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Low testosterone levels are a bane - they result in lower libido, mental issues, body deterioration and worst of all, degradation of muscle. You want to avoid this pitfall but to do that you first have to understand what causes it.

There is a certain natural decrease in the testosterone levels that comes from aging. As people get older their body produces less and less testosterone. The downward spiral starts at around age 30 for most men, so if you are 30 or more the decline may have already begun.

You may not notice it much initially as the decrease is gradual. But that makes it all the more dangerous as you donít do anything about it.

Another key factor in low testosterone levels is hypogonadism (which is a diminished functional activity of the gonads). The Mayo Clinic states that hypogonadism may be caused by an inherited (congenital) trait or something that happens later in life (acquired), such as an injury or an infection.

Age and hypogonadism are not the only things that impairs your testosterone production and circulation. Another culprit is being overweight. Those who are really overweight, in the obese category, have effectively impaired their testosterone.

While you canít change your age, you can do something about the weight issue and testosterone levels. And the fat factor is particularly a concern. That is because the fat in your body contains a substance called aromatase. Aromatase is an enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogens (the female hormone). In essence the fatter you are, the more like a woman you become. Not a pretty situation, eh?

If that isnít a shocking enough development to get you going hard to burn off fat, nothing will. If you donít want aromatase to do a number on your masculinity, donít let yourself become fat. And if you are fat, go to work on getting the fat off, immediately. As the fat comes off, your testosterone production will start to increase accordingly. It is a simple equation - more body fat equates to less testosterone output.

Donít let body fat transform your body into a soft, womanly version of your former self or what you could be. Stay lean and mean and in turn pump up your masculinity by avoiding the key pitfalls that destroy testosterone.

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