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Testosterone and men's health

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Testosterone in men is the vital ingredient to live a healthy life. Men usually start decreasing their daily testosterone output by the age of 35 which means every year less and less testosterone is released into the bloodstream causing a wide range of symptoms.

From a general lack of vitality to a decrease in the ability to concentrate the symptoms affect everything eventually. General alertness and motivation that often can define a man starts decreasing when testosterone is reduced which directly affects both aggressiveness and libido.

The point is that testosterone is directly related to menís health and will directly show on any man with facial hair and generally looking younger and stronger than another man with low testosterone levels. The biggest disadvantage of low testosterone levels seen directly seen is an increase in belly fat and body fat.

Obviously symptoms like erectile dysfunction and sperm production are directly related to T levels. Your own specific T levels will also directly affect your bone marrow that you produce and this will affect your bone density that can lead to a wide range of problems when you are a senior citizen.

The problem is that specific research on daily T production is not easy because at any given point in your waking day your T levels will be different depending on a number of factors. Most of the 300 nanograms/dl of testosterone that we need to make us men is produced at night when we are sleeping and not during the day.

In the USA the increase in low testosterone (low T) has not been directly measured in any study but there is has been a quadruple increase in Low T treatments sold in America in the last ten years. If we only use this statistic then we must assume that there is an increase in low T levels generally amongst men.

Another demonstration of low T levels in men generally is the fastest growing disease on the planet which is diabetes. Research tells us that low T levels create and pre-diabetic condition as well as other related cardio conditions that have increased dramatically in men during the last decade.

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