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Tribulus terrestris benefits for men

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Tribulus terrestris has been a highly respected medicinal plant used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine in India for over 3000 years. Said to be directly responsible for an increase in testosterone production and the many benefits associated with this. Increasing both cardiovascular and anabolic capacity to restoring sleep problems and mood elevation.

Although the whole plant is used the flower is where the active ingredient is found in warm climates of Europe, south Asia, Africa and parts of Australia. The use of this testosterone booster seems to increase every year.

Tribulus is used for libido in men and and is said to regulate testosterone production and increase strength gains dramatically. Said to directly affect the sperm count in men and increase fertility, reduce erectile dysfunction and increases speed of recovery after training.

When combined with Ginseng it is shown to reduce insomnia by balancing the nervous system. Protects from cardiovascular disease and reducers blood pressure. Effective in the treatment of cholesterol, diabetes and blood circulation. Strengthens the immune system and converts fats into useable energy.

For a bodybuilder the most important ingredient in Tribulus terrestris is the steroidal saponins that include dioscin, protodioscin and diosgenin. It is the combination of these three ingredients that directly affect libido and building muscle fast.

But it needs to be stressed that it works very differently from Viagra and does not actually increase testosterone production. It regulates testosterone production and cannot be directly attributed to an increase in testosterone. It is a very effective tonic when used in the elderly and should be taken with a combination of other supplements like Tongkat ali, Maca and Rhodiola.

Widely promoted as the herbal supplement to increase lean body mass and strength at a rapid rate. The recommended dosage of taking 85mg to 250 mg three times a day with meals is common but it needs to be regulated according to your needs and your age.

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